Two Things about Food You Should Know

Do you ever eat more than one food at a time?

Of course you do. We all do. Did you know that some combinations are better for you than others. Different foods take different amounts of time to be digested and eating them in the wrong order or combination can cause them to rot in your stomach. Gross, huh?

Check out this article for some in depth information on food combinations and how to make the most of how your body works.

A Big No No, Canola Oil

If you’re anything like me, you are starting to become accustomed to learning that we should avoid a lot of foods we were told to eat just a few years ago. Check out for 12 reasons you should be avoiding canola oil.

What you read in these articles may represent big changes in your diet. Rest assured these are worth practicing as part of your wellness plan. Please comment if you have any thoughts, questions or suggestions for further reading.

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