Tuesday Tirade – Do You Know What You’re Eating?

Greek “Style” Yogurt



In the cross hairs today is an imitation of the very popular greek yogurt called Greek “style” yogurt.

It makes me sad that companies make inferior (sometimes harmful) products and try to capitalize on marketing. This is precisely the case for Greek “style” yogurt.

The process of making greek yogurt is expensive because of a straining process to remove the liquid whey, lactose and sugar which also results in the thick and creamy texture. When greek yogurt started gaining market share big companies wanted some of the action.

In 2012, two companies merged to form a new company called Ingredion (sounds like a bad science fiction movie.) What Ingredion did was try to replicate what they called “residual mouth coating,” “meltaway” and “jiggle” of traditional Greek yogurt without the cost of straining. They ended up with a product called “Novation Indulge 3340 tapioca starch and milk protein concentrate. They call is a “texturing system.”

It’s so frustrating to not be able to trust the food that you buy at the supermarket. There are unfortunately thousands of products that many of us eat every day that contain added chemicals to deliver things like “residual mouth coating.” Many of these products have migrated from other industries like rubber and plastics.

If you like Greek yogurt and want the real thing, stay away from any products that contain milk protein concentrate or modified corn starch.

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