We’re Going Streaking!

How we spend our “free” time is a choice. “But I don’t have any free time,” you say. We may like to think we don’t, but even the busiest people find time for the things they love.
I know from my own experience that when I am productive I feel good, I’m filled with positive energy and optimism. Conversely when I am unproductive I feel badly and my head can fill with self directed frustration. 
Our lives are filled with good times and bad. I’ve heard hundreds of stories about great achievements that require focus and discipline. I’ve heard thousands of rationalizations, reasons, and excuses why something didn’t happen. I’ve made my share of them so I include my own achievements and excuses among the group.
Every person has their own definition of productivity and it can vary substantially. 
Here’s a few examples of things that make me feel energized.
spending time with my family and kids
getting a good night sleep
eating nutritious food
sharing a client breakthrough
What makes you feel productive? Do you know? Make a list of 10 things that fill you with energy and optimism? Once you have that list, figure out how many of them you have time, or can make time for. The goal should be to make the list as long as possible and fit as many items as possible from the list into your life. 
My point here is that you have a choice. Knowing what makes you feel good is the first step. Next choose something both important to you and realistic and start a streak. There’s an mobile phone app called “streaks” with a calendar that tracks how many days in a row you’ve done something. Making that checkmark is like a little victory every day.
In his book “The Power of Less” Leo Babauta recommends focusing on one thing at a time. Start with one thing and see it through. Most likely everything on the list is important to you but start with one.
The longer your streak the better your feel so what are you waiting for? Make your list and START STREAKING TODAY!!!

Moderation is for the uncommitted.

The more I think of it, the more I see the wisdom in it.

Moderation is just “an out” for anyone that wants to do whatever they please NOW and complain about it later. When in fact, NOW is the only time that matters.

What you did yesterday is done. What you will do tomorrow doesn’t matter.

The only thing that will positively impact your achievement of your desired outcome is what you do in the present.

Moderation is a for the uncommitted