Even Bad Feelings are Good

Nobody needs a strategy to deal with feeling good.

It’s not surprising that everything seems easier when good things are happening. What you may not realize is that you do have a coping strategy for when good things happen. You just don’t see it as coping because it never feels like there’s anything to “cope” with.

Celebrating is a way that people express their happiness. You may celebrate differently than other people you know but its easy to feel good.



On the Flip Side of Good

Nobody feels good all the time. So many things can change the way we feel. Today I was working on a technical project and while it seemed like I should be able to figure it out, I was having a really hard time. I was starting to feel frustrated but I stuck with it (perhaps too long) until I felt like I couldn’t see straight. I took a break and tried again to no avail. As I resigned myself to having to leave it unfinished I was worked up and felt defeated.

I got in my car for the 30 minute ride home and I was fighting to dismiss some negative thoughts. Recently, I’ve been practicing mindful meditation through music and breathing. So on the way home, I opened spotify, found some meditation music and started paying attention to my breathing. I focus on taking deep breaths and if any thoughts are in my head, I try to let them go as I slowly exhale. I do this for about 1o minutes at a time. After just a couple of minutes I am usually able to quiet my thoughts and start to feel better.

This is my own personal example, your feelings may come from something else, there’s enough life events that can cause us to feel down. It’s perfectly natural to feel down sometimes and there’s no artificial way to get rid of it. Dealing with the ugly parts of life takes a deliberate approach to process through it.

Even if you find a way to distract yourself, the issue is there waiting for your distraction to end. Try to learn various methods that have worked for others and begin to practice them yourself. It might be meditation, yoga, music, maybe its going for a walk. Remember, negative feelings are a part of life and you can develop a strategy to deal with them. It will take practice but keep at it and you’ll be on your way to considerably more good feelings.

If you have a strategy that works for you, post it to comments so others can see if it works for them.

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