Don’t be fooled

In the inaugural edition of the Tuesday Tirade I step up onto my soap box to take on Nabisco and its introduction of the Brown Rice Triscuit.

triscuitsThat’s right, Nabisco has come out with a line of crackers “featuring” red beans and sweet potatoes. That is dried sweet potato and sweet potato powder. While I imagine they taste good, they do not belong in your cabinets. One serving is 6 crackers and contains 130 calories and around 5g of fat and very little nutrition.

The following is an excerpt from an article on A senior brand manager from Triscuit says,

“Of course it doesn’t hurt that many consumers associate ingredients like red beans, whole grains and sweet potatoes with better-for-you foods…the brand looked for ingredients that were “both wholesome and can deliver great taste.” Print advertising touts “real food” ingredients.”

The article continues,

“But there isn’t much of a real health difference between the new and old Triscuits.”

Simply one more attempt in a long line of continued efforts to mislead you into thinking this may be a healthy choice and for around $3.00 you can get a box. Next time you’re in the super market, do your best to buy all your food from the perimeter of the store. That means produce, meat, fish, and dairy predominantly. The items in the middle aisles tend to be less nutritious.

If they need to tell you that their product contains “real food” ingredients, it’s a safe bet you’re better off with the real food.


  1. Where are the next two Tuesday tirades?

    • Thank you for reading. Look for a new Tuesday Tirade tomorrow. I’m trying to decide between people who say their dogs are like their kids and races that cost over $200 to enter. Have any suggestions, I’m happy to investigate.

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