An Important Lesson Can be Learned from the Red Sox Loss

redsoxI am seizing the opportunity to write about my hometown Boston Red Sox in the wake of their painful loss to the Tampa Bay Rays last night in the American League Division series.

They lost because they forgot at least one of the fundamentals of baseball last night and it was one of the main reasons they lost.

Do you know your fundamentals?

What I mean is that I am asked all the time “What should I do for a workout today?” “Is it ok to eat fill in the blank?” and many versions of similar questions. I used to be frustrated by clients who would ask for advice and then not follow it. I’ve evolved as a coach to try to hear what they are saying and ask questions of them to help clarify it in their own mind. Many times I believe that they aren’t considering what their own fundamentals are.

See, my beloved Red Sox lost last night because they neglected to cover first base on a sacrifice bunt. For those of you who know little about baseball fundamentals, a sacrifice bunt means that the batter is “sacrificing” himself to allow a man on base to go to the next base. So its fundamental to the defense to make sure they get the batter out. After all, he gave himself up. I assure you that tonight when the Red Sox take the field they will have put last night behind them and hopefully they will be focused on the fundamentals.

This can be a lesson for us all. Define your fundamentals. Create your personal vision of what health promoting, life giving behaviors you want to do regularly. To me this means spending time with my kids, reading every day, practicing mindfulness, working out hard, eating clean (eating as much organic as I can, lean meat, chicken and fish, lots of vegetables and trying to avoid additives and preservatives,) drinking enough water (half my bodyweight in ounces every day) and getting enough sleep.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. –Chinese Proverb

When I first started trying to follow my fundamentals, it felt overwhelming. I tried and failed and sometimes I was disappointed in myself. Over time and with practice these things became part of what I do. I feel great when I do these things. Every day is like a gift. There are still days that I don’t get it all the way I want and there are days I choose consciously to take a day off exercise, go out for ice cream or stay out late with my friends. For me, just like the Red Sox, the future depends on how well we define our fundamentals and how successful we are at remembering that yesterday is in the past and today is the day to define your fundamentals and or keep on practicing them.

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